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The story behind Wellness Footwear in Australia

Our shoes are designed to provide physical benefits by relieving back pain and psychological benefits by improving the mood you take home to your loved ones. With the help of a Podiatrist, we have designed shoes with your body and soul in mind.

It's not always easy to look after yourself, particularly when work demands long, tiring days on your feet. Be kind to your back and feet by choosing the right footwear, every day.

Wellness Footwear® is specifically designed for hardworking feet. Our vision is to enhance your wellbeing across all areas of your life, starting with your feet. We do this with specialty-crafted clogs, shoes and boots, available online or personally fitted for your feet.

As well as a full online shopping experience, we have a team of fabulous fit specialists. Our consultants visit workplaces across Melbourne and beyond providing personal or group fittings to discover the best fit for hardworking feet.

You see, we know that when your feet are taken care of, so too is your back, and you can feel much, much better about your work and of course about yourself. Every day, we work with people who have struggled with back and hip pain, aching calves and legs who then find their lives completely changed by a pair of comfortable, supportive and fashionable shoes. Yes, good quality footwear is transformational; we know that because our customers tell us so.

Wellness Footwear® is a family business based in Melbourne, Australia and grew from a sheer passion for Sanita shoes, a leading designer and manufacturer of occupational footwear throughout Europe and the United States of America. Our founder, Toni McKern, loves the Danish tradition for quality and comfort, so much so that she became an authorised importer, distributer and seller of Sanita shoes, boots and clogs.

That was our beginning; our range is constantly evolving to ensure we meet the needs of our customers across all industries and sectors. Our designs are European-inspired and our quality is exceptional; in fact we guarantee our quality to the highest standards.

Enjoy the sheer comfort of shoes that fit and shoes that are made for your hardworking feet.

Experience Wellness Footwear® for yourself - buy direct from our website, or contact us to have a consultant visit your workplace or simply get some advice on style and fit.

Experience Wellness
Footwear® for yourself.

For more info, contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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"I had purchased Sanita work shoes previously and after many years needed to replace them as they were so comfortable and suitable footwear for work. This time I ordered the Sanita shoes on line and had some difficulty with the fitting as the design of the shoe was slightly different to the original shoes. I contact the Company to see if there was a resolution, they sent another size shoe for me to try some shoe heal inserts and unfortunately had to refund one of the pairs of shoes I ordered without any hassle my money was refunded when the shoes were returned. Congratulations on great customer service and trying to assist where you could! Happy to do business with you in the future. "

"I received the clogs today just in time for my trip to NZ in the morning, so thank you. I obviously love wearing them and speak very highly of them to everyone, saying they are the most comfortable clogs I have ever worn and I work for 10-12 hours on my feet but with these on it feels like I'm in my slippers!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your fantastic customer service."

Giving back

We are proud supporters of The Sixth Child, a not for profit organisation, providing sanctuary and support to help disadvantaged children lead happier, fuller lives.

With every purchase, you can help us support this truly amazing cause.

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