Faves/Buddy Insert Replacement - Orthotic insole

Insert Replacement - Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Relief
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Faves/Buddy Insert Replacement - Orthotic insole

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Need new orthotic insoles in your Wellness Faves work shoes?

These are a basic replacement insole for the Wellness Faves or Buddy workshoe. It may not be time to replace the whole shoe, but you can have that new shoe support and cushioning all over again!  Note: these replacements come with no packaging.

Wellness Faves insole can be used in any shoes that take a deep orthotic.

Insoles designed and recommended by podiatrists for hardworking feet. Wellness Ortho footbed supports the plantar fascia and gives natural foot posture. With cushioned comfort across the whole foot, Wellness Ortho also includes a deep calcaneal heel cap for balance and control.

Work or play with premium comfort and support for every foot type. Put them in any of your favourite orthotic-friendly shoes.

Wellness Ortho insoles are perfect for foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain. Even without foot pain, the Wellness Ortho insoles provide optimal comfort and support  – normal arches, flat feet, high arches, wide feet.

Orthotics work to reduce pain and improve performance by controlling your gait and reducing overpronation. They can also take pressure off sore spots (eg, the ball of the foot, the heels, corns in between toes and bunions) by enabling a more even weight distribution.

  • Aligns natural posture
  • Relieves pressure
  • Arch support
  • All over extra cushioning
  • Shock absorbing
  • Unisex style and fitting
  • Suitable for flat or wide feet, high or normal aches
  • Wear in flat to medium heel shoes

Support for hardworking feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

Sizes are limited, but you can order 1 or 2 sizes larger than you normally would and trim the toe end.

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